Revolt VJ Taiwan Brown
About me
Name: Taiwan Brown
Age: 25
Birthday: March 15
Favorite genre:I’ll listen to anything! Still love New Jack Swing!
Artist in rotation: Mos Def, Drake, James Blake, Elle Varner, Maroon 5, Mary Mary, P!nk, & more...
Favorite movie: Pee-wee’s Big Adventure, lol!
Favorite music video: Jamiroquai’s “Virtual Insanity”

Favorite TV show: Psych &
Hosting Reel (Update soon!)

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My name is Taiwan (YES, like the country and NO, I never been). I love entertainment, technology, and pop-culture.

Being the youngest, my two older sisters controlled the TV. I started watching Music Videos because my sisters put them on. At first I didn’t care about the music... I wanted to be a VJ like Bill Bellamy, Todd 1, Ed Lover, Sway, AJ, Big Tigger, and more..

Anyways years later...

I moved back to NYC and decided to stop

by FUSE one day. The VJ, Steven Smith,

asked me what I wanted to do... I told him, “I want to be a VJ” and in a blink of an eye I am tossing to a Fat Joe video and talking about Britney Spears. What a rush! I had the clip online but now it’s embarrassing, LOL! My first 15 minutes of fame!

After practicing in a mirror for a couple of years I got an interview at Fuse... as you can tell it did not lead to a job offer but it was still really cool.

When I started college I entered a casting call to host a one hour episode of “Dean’s List” for MTV’s college  channel, mtvU (you can view it in the hosting reel above). This just made me want more... sadly this is around the time music videos stopped getting played on TV! VJ’s began to become extinct! So I started blogging and making videos for many start-up entertainment sites.

Some of my notable interviews includes former President Bill Clinton, pro-skater Buck Lasek (who’s attempt at a trick almost landed me at a hospital), Nintendo’s Bill Trenen, and many local artist / bands from the Tri-state area.

2013 - Enter REVOLT. As soon as news broke about a music channel coming I got excited. Can I make my dream an actual career? Taiwan Brown coming soon to Revolt TV!

Ralph McDaniels 
(Video Music Box Host)

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